Remote destinations…. Challenge accepted! Brunel Air Charter can source a wide range of aircraft to fly into the most hostile and hard to reach destinations.

Examples of these would include

Undeveloped airports where landing is usually not on normal tarmac or asphalt, but on unpaved grass landing strips.

Natural disasters where mother nature has ruined infrastructure, we provide aircraft to transport humanitarian aid and vital equipment to regenerate the communities that have been devastated.

Hostile locations of political instability or unrest, Brunel Air Charter can transport military cargo, equipment and food supplies.

Why Choose Brunel Air Charter

We offer a neutral and bespoke cargo charter service for our customers, we will listen to you and provide a fully comprehensive quote along with providing consultancy on best practices with the project in hand.

  • 24/7 Account Management
  • Global coverage
  • Specialist knowledge of hostile and remote destinations worldwide
  • 10+ years’ experience

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